The Lifeline of Economy: How Supporting Small Suppliers Strengthens Us All

In the wake of the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, small businesses have fallen victim to the changing business landscape at an unprecedented rate. In the UK alone the failure rate is reportedly 17% higher than previous years. Whils ...

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26 Mar 24

McDonald's Blames Supplier for Global Systems Outage - Better Supplier Relationship Management Would Have Helped

The recent global systems outage at McDonald's was more than just a technical problem; it highlighted the importance of robust supplier relationship management (SRM). The outage, attributed to a third-party supplier by McDonald's, led ...

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18 Mar 24

Toyota’s Takata Crisis: How Supplier Management Impacts Share Price and Reputation

When it comes to leaders in Supplier Management (SM), we often hear about automotive manufacturing companies demonstrating effective supplier performance processes and we have been fortunate to work with some of these leading companies and sup ...

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13 Mar 24

Why large oil companies find implementing supplier management a challenge

Large oil companies face a monumental challenge: implementing and maintaining structured, holistic supplier management. But why the struggle? Dive into our latest article uncovering the complexities hindering effective supplier management in t ...

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4 Mar 24