Six pillars for successful SRM (Part 6)

The commercial benefits of good SRM are clear: more innovation, better speed to market, greater profitability. The starting point for any organisation that wants to secure these benefits is a well designed business case, but that is not on its ...

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26 Jul 16

Six pillars for successful SRM (Part 5)

Technology is an important enabler to creating sustainable SRM. It can facilitate better relationships between companies and suppliers, delivering big gains on both sides. Effective SRM technology can help the bottom line. More than two thirds ...

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21 Jul 16

Six pillars for successful SRM (Part 4)

Welcome to part 4 of our blog examining the six pillars of SRM. In this edition we will focus on people and skills. What the people and skills pillar of SRM seeks to promote is a people and skills development strategy that starts long bef ...

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11 Jul 16