Supplier Management

Our global studies on leading supplier relationship management (SRM) practice have revealed that many organisations still lack a strong foundation upon which to build their SRM programme.

Such a foundation will incorporate three key elements; contract lifecycle management, supply chain risk management and supplier performance management (SPM).

The six pillars, which we use as a framework for our SRM programmes, are: business drivers and value; stakeholder engagement; governance and process; people and skills; information and technology; and relationship development and culture. Our research has shown that in order to have a strong SRM programme, organisations need to be strong on all six of the SRM pillars.

Six SRM Pillars

Hear from Mel Shutes, Head of SRM at State of Flux, on ten SRM essentials.


Supplier relationship management (SRM) and supplier performance management (SPM)

Through years of experience combined with renowned training, research and technology, State of Flux is recognised by the industry as a global leader in the field of SRM. Our clients include large global organisations; we are proud to say we work with ten out of the FTSE 20 on their SRM programmes.

Our SRM and SPM solutions include:

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