2023 Global SRM Research Report is out now!

Discover how your extended enterprise affects your organisation and supply chain with the latest findings and insights from our 2023 Global Research, featuring exclusive case studies and interviews. Find out how global leaders and companies are focusing on their extended enterprise and how you can do the same by downloading the 2023 report today.


2023 SRM Research Report

Discover how your Supplier Management measures up

Benchmark Your Supplier Management Performance against the results of the 2023 Supplier Management Survey, where over 30,000 organisations were invited to participate.

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Public Training Courses


The Public Course delivery version (rather than dedicated in-house) allows you to have just one, two or a handful of learners join the course – providing a budget-friendly approach to team development.


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Voice of the Supplier - become a Customer of Choice

Understanding your organisation from the supplier perspective is vital if you are serious about becoming a Customer of Choice. To understand your suppliers perspective you need to listen to their voice and ask yourself some important questions such as, what would our suppliers like us to do differently, and how can I use this to build the internal case for change?


Voice of the Supplier

State of Flux – global procurement and supply chain consultancy

State of Flux specialises in supplier management, category management and strategic sourcing, and contract lifecycle managementAs well as consulting, we offer training and supplier management software, SupplierBase.
We are a strategic business partner to multinational companies and major public-sector organisations, working closely with them to help upgrade their procurement and supply chain capabilities, drive best practice and deliver superior business performance.