Why you should care even more in the current situation about how your suppliers, and their suppliers, are financed 

With the world's supply chains impacted massively by the pandemic, its critical to understand your suppliers' financial stress and to integrate this into your overall supplier management approach. Could you become their customer of choice by helping alleviate their cash challenges? 

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Why you should care even more in the current situation about how your suppliers, and their suppliers

How are you handling COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing the biggest disruption in decades to economies and businesses across the world. State of Flux 12 years of global annual research shows that most organisations are significantly exposed when it comes to supplier risk management, specifically pandemic risks.

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COVID-19 - Webinar

2019 Global SRM Report – Harnessing and growing supplier innovation 

The 11th edition of the SRM report is now out! Did you know that 50% of organisations responding to the 2019 global SRM survey rate themselves as less than 5 out of 10 for supplier innovation.

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2019 SRM report

Is it time to bring supply chains home? 

Back in 2003 we published an article in our annual SRM report entitled "It is time to bring supply chains home" The strap line was "Global sourcing has been helping businesses to reduce costs for many years, but is it time to think again about that long and vulnerable supply chain?" 


Is it time to bring supply chains home?

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