Contract lifecycle Management

The aim of good contracting practice is to construct and implement a contract that will fit the deal and the wider relationship with the supplier, while creating commercial value and mitigating risk for your business.

Poor contracts and contract lifecycle management lead to high risk; regulatory non-compliance; and serious loss of commercial or other negotiated value.

In our experience, anything between 30 - 50% of improved value negotiated at a contract renewal, is lost because of poor contract lifecycle management.

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In the current economic and regulatory climate, procurement, legal, risk and compliance functions are placing more focus on contracting policies and processes to minimise their organisation’s exposure to risk and increase the value achieved from their contracts. However for some, perhaps many, achieving good contracting practices compliant to internal policies and processes, and realising the potential of ‘good contracts’ is a real challenge.

Our combination of systems integration, contract lifecycle and procurement expertise, means we are ideally placed to help you achieve excellence in contract lifecycle management. We help you achieve reduced savings leakage; shorter cycle times for contract creation and approval; higher rates of compliance on contracted spend; and more negotiated discounts and rebates.


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