Humility- key to successful SRM

Consistently we find that building the character trait of humility, and a focus on developing empathy is key to building a successful SRM programme. Learn why humility will help you to be a SRM leader.

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30 Nov 16

Your Career with State of Flux

If you are considering a career change or move from your current role, here's six good reasons to consider State of Flux.

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24 Nov 16

Supplier rewards - are you rewarding acts of bravery or performance?

In this blog we look at how you measure ‘real’ supplier performance and find your award candidates.

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15 Nov 16

Businesses miss $550 billion SRM opportunity

Better understanding of suppliers leads to post-contract benefits State of Flux study finds. Fortune global 500 businesses are losing out on a $550-billion opportunity because of ineffective management of their supplier relationships. 

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3 Nov 16