20 Jun 13

State of Flux launches its 2013 global SRM survey

State of Flux launches its 2013 global SRM survey

State of Flux has launched its fifth annual supplier relationship management (SRM) survey.
The purpose of the survey is to analyse, report and comment on SRM practice from a wide range of companies, sectors and geographies. 
We would be delighted if you would take some time to share your organisation's experience of SRM by completing the survey.
By participating, you will (at no cost) be able to:
  • Benchmark your organisation's SRM activity against some of the global leaders (as well as your industry peers)
  • Join cross-organisational workshops to debate the results with your peers
  • Receive a complimentary copy of the full 2013 global SRM report
Please participate in the research by Friday 9 August 2013 at the following link: http://srm.stateofflux.co.uk/2013-srm-survey-buy-side
We anticipate the survey will take 30 minutes to complete, which our clients tell us is time well spent. Our research has gained a reputation for being the leading global report on this subject; supplying best practice and insights which is supported by data from organisations like yours. We hope you will agree; the ouput is a great return on the time invested to complete it. Thank you in advance for your time and support.
"We have been regular contributors to the State of Flux SRM research and have found that it provides some excellent insights into what is happening globally in SRM." 
Detlef Schultz - CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl, Luxembourg

Suppliers' perspectives of SRM programmes

This year we will continue to include suppliers' perspectives of SRM programmes. If you would like your suppliers to participate, please send them the link to the 'sell side' survey: http://srm.stateofflux.co.uk/2013-srm-survey-sell-side
Please note: As per previous years, all responses will remain confidential.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the State of Flux team at srmsurvey@stateofflux.co.uk.