8 Apr 22

The Rise of Ghosting Suppliers

The Rise of Ghosting Suppliers

By Alan Day, Chairman and Founder of State of Flux

Have you ever started discussions with a supplier and then decided their offering was neither the right solution or fit for your business? If so, how did you end the interaction? Did you sit them down and describe your rationale; did you explain what they could have done differently or better; or did you just stop talking to them? Did you, in fact, ‘ghost' your supplier?


The term ‘ghosting’ comes from the dating scene and is linked to the rise of apps used to meet people. It is defined as ‘the practice of ending all communication and contact without any apparent warning or justification’, which also means ignoring any attempts the shunned individual might make to reach out. It’s called ‘ghosting’ because it describes the act of simply vanishing without explanation and it is on the increase.


The results of a YouGov/Huffington Post survey of 1,000 US adults interviewed in October 2014, show that 13% of Americans have ghosted someone. An October 2021 YouGov survey of 7,180 US adults showed 42% had ghosted someone.

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