6 May 20

Supplier management in times of crisis

Supplier management in times of crisis

By Kate Skattang, Executive Lead, Australia and New Zealand, State of Flux

The COVID-19 global pandemic is highlighting the fact that many of our systems are broken. When a natural disaster or a disease threatens security of supply, we realise very quickly the importance of supplier management, and supply chain transparency and of the risk exposure if supplier transparency is inadequate. Because of its’ supplier oversight, the procurement and supply chain organisation is best positioned to help an organisation balance its risk management, growth, profitability and social goals as it strives to address business continuity issues and also shift to achieve sustainable business in the long term.

COVID-19 does indeed have potential to wreak havoc on global supply chains. We are yet to see exactly what that may look like as industries with long lead times and high inventory levels in some industries may take months for the gap in supply to hit the shelves. 

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