Introducing supplier automation

Maximise value from your supplier relationships. SupplierBase is designed to help you create an automated and consistent supplier experience across your organisation by giving you a consolidated real-time view of your supplier relationships.

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Supplier relationships for a digital world



Why you'll love the platform

Drive growth & value

Focus on driving additional value and optimisation with your key suppliers by automating activities from suppliers that are less important to your business.

Manage risk & regulatory compliance

Continuously monitor and assess supplier risk. The platform integrates with third party risk information providers to monitor supply chain, regulatory and cyber risks.

Drive innovation

Provide a clear innovation management process to maximise return on R&D activities. Track communications, work team progress, and decisions with the platform's Innovation, Prospective Suppliers, Relationship and Reporting modules.

Improve performance

Maximise efficiency, quality and cost reductions by automatically tracking and reporting on agreed KPI’s, contractual obligations and quality standards with consolidated real-time data.

Improve governance

Manage your suppliers via a single shared interface where your team, stakeholders and suppliers can easily connect, share information and manage activities and events.

Align sustainability & CSR objectives

With larger supply chains, clearly defining and aligning your organisation Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and sustainability objectives is critical to assess suppliers’ processes and compliance.


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Platform highlights

Intelligent relationships

Structure your supplier relationships by strategic importance - Flexible modules to allow tiered relationship activities according to Supplier strategic importance

  • E.g. Tier 1 - Strategic Relationship Plans to accelerate and track incremental value release initiatives
  • E.g. Tier 3 – Simplified collaborative workspace for suppliers and buyers to connect, share information, or manage activities and events

Risk management

Monitor and act on supplier risks

  • Automate risk management with an auditable workflow to identify, manage and mitigate supplier risks and implement and track action plans
  • Conduct risk assessments to assess supplier risk profile (including data from external risk platforms where required)
  • Track risks against defined metrics, before calculating severity levels
  • Organise audits of compliance documentation and implement contingency plans

Performance management

Optimise the performance from suppliers

  • Customisable KPI structure with ability to drill down multiple levels into categories, regions, etc.
  • Flexible to upload catalogues of existing KPI’s where required
  • Automated scoring and reporting
  • Customisable performance reports across suppliers, KPIs, categories, regions, and contracts
  • Monitor quality standards through non-conformance tracking, corrective actions and preventative analysis


View supplier insights and intelligence in one place

  • Create custom, dynamic dashboards to easily access relevant information at supplier, category and company level including contracts, performance and risks
  • Easily generate custom Executive briefs consolidating key system data to provide an accurate reflection of the relationship’s status and supplier performance
  • Establish consistent reporting templates for supplier dashboards

Innovation management

A clear innovation management process

  • Ensure business challenges and innovation priorities are clearly communicated to the supply base, submitted innovations are followed, and a transparent evaluation process is in place
  • Guided and open innovation capabilities enable suppliers to be engaged in the identification, creation and management of innovations

Contract optimisation

Optimise value from contracts

  • Customisable index and taxonomy with user friendly interface
  • Capture, search, browse and report on supplier contracts
  • Automates and records checking of contractual obligations and key milestone activities to ensure value is captured, and unnecessary costs are avoided post contract signature


Consolidated real-time view of supplier relationships

  • Live dynamic dashboards showing key supplier data, including supplier overview, spend information, compliance and other supplier master data to help monitor the relationship and governance
  • Workflow information transfer from onboarding modules and level of information customised according to relationship tier
  • Information hub synched with various third party data sources


Sustainability & CSR

Clearly define and align CSR agenda and sustainability objectives

  • Establish a responsible sourcing framework
  • Carry out CSR risk assessment
  • Customisable intelligent surveys to track and audit sustainability performance
  • Integrate to third party data sustainability sources


Prospective suppliers

Choose the right suppliers for your business and make onboarding easy

  • Customisable self-registration web portal
  • Automated intelligent ‘decision tree’ questionnaires with ability to upload documents
  • Workflow to transfer onboarding information directly to Supplier profile in Intelligence model and drive auditable activities from stakeholders and suppliers

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