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Maximise value from your supplier relationships. SupplierBase is designed to create an automated and consistent supplier experience across your organisation by giving you a consolidated real-time view of your supplier relationships. Developed using over 10 years global supplier management research, SupplierBase is used by companies such as Allied Irish Bank, Air France-KLM, Hastings Direct, Royal Mail, Nationwide and many more. 

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Why you'll love the platform

Drive growth & value

Focus on driving additional value and optimisation with your key suppliers by automating relationships with non strategic suppliers. 

Manage risk & regulatory compliance

Continuously monitor and assess supplier risk. The platform integrates with third party risk information providers to monitor supply chain, regulatory and cyber risks.

Drive innovation

Provide a clear innovation management process to maximise return on R&D activities. Track communications, work team progress, and decisions with the platform's Innovation, Prospective Suppliers, Relationship and Reporting modules.

Improve performance

Maximise efficiency, quality and cost reductions by automatically tracking and reporting on agreed KPI’s, contractual obligations and quality standards with consolidated real-time data.

Improve governance

Manage your suppliers via a single shared interface where your team, stakeholders and suppliers can easily connect, share information and manage activities and events.

Platform highlights

Intelligent relationships

Connect, jointly share information and manage activities with your suppliers, business partners and subject matter experts.

  • Set-up supplier governance, meeting schedule and stakeholder mapping
  • Conduct 360-survey feedback and Voice of the Supplier assessments and monitor relationship improvement actions
  • Assign and track actions, risks, meetings and notes

Risk management

Automate risk management to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Assess suppliers’ risks and resilience and mitigate supply chain risks.

  • Manage supplier risks and issues in collaboration with the suppliers
  • Conduct risk assessments and identify, manage and mitigate how risky a supplier is
  • Monitor supply chain risk and create risk mitigation plans

Performance management

Supplier performance improvement is at the heart of supplier management and is linked to multiple aspects, from KPIs in contracts through to risk, innovation and CSR / sustainability capabilities. Performance is reported at multiple levels to enable full visibility across suppliers, categories, regions and projects/contracts. It also provides a common basis for performance assessment.

  • Automate KPI set-up, scoring and reporting.
  • Produce performance reports across suppliers, KPIs, categories, regions, and contracts.
  • Monitor quality standards through non-conformance tracking, corrective action and preventative analysis


The reports module provides users a central place to view supplier insights and intelligence.

  • Create customable standard (global) and personal dashboards
  • Establish consistent reporting templates for supplier dashboards
  • Distribute dashboards to suppliers

Innovation management

A business's capacity to innovate through its supply chain is a key competitive advantage in today’s business world. SupplierBase provides a clear innovation management process through a single platform. 

  • Capture supplier’s innovations in response to your challenges (guided innovations)
  • Capture, assess and feedback on supplier’s open innovations and continuous improvements
  • Create and assign innovation-related actions to (internal and supplier) users and monitor progress

Contract optimisation

SupplierBase enables you to capture, search, browse and report on supplier contracts. Set and track contract milestones and actions to ensure negotiated contract terms are leveraged throughout the contract lifecycle and actions are followed up by accountable stakeholders.

  • Capture contract summaries and documents in one place
  • Perform customised searches on key contract terms and notify users via email about key dates and milestones of contracts
  • Manage contractual obligations and other contract actions.

Intelligence: Live 360 data dashboards

The intelligence features of SupplierBase works in synergy with the relationship management features. The dynamic dashboards showing live data are tailored to the audience to help monitor the relationship and governance. Information is aggregated across the entire platform and with third party data sources. 

  • Gather suppliers’ pertinent information centrally
  • Allow suppliers to keep their company information up-to-date
  • View key supplier data at a glance, including a supplier overview, spend information, compliance and other supplier master data.

Sustainability & CSR

From supplier safety to working conditions, to reduced carbon footprint, the focus on better management of the supply chain is increasing. Critical to this is clearly defining and aligning the sustainability objectives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of both the buying and supplying organisations. SupplierBase offers, and supports the linking of, auditing and assessment capabilities and deeper, often onsite assessment capabilities.

  • Conduct CSR assessments and surveys
  • Create and assign actions to (internal and supplier) users and monitor progress
  • Capture and monitor CSR-related risks and issues

Prospective suppliers

Choose the right suppliers for your business and make supplier onboarding easy.

  • Allow suppliers to self-register and undertake an onboarding and pre-qualification process (e.g. create their company profile, respond to questionnaires).
  • Assess the suitability of prospective suppliers and maintain a list of registered and pre-qualified suppliers.
  • Communicate with prospective suppliers, invite them to submit their innovations (to a challenge) and potentially update their registration status to an approved / live supplier.

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