21 Apr 16

IACCM and State of Flux partner in SRM learning and certification programme

IACCM and State of Flux partner in SRM learning and certification programme


IACCM and State of Flux are delighted to announce they have agreed to work together in a formal partnership to launch a new joint supplier relationship management (SRM) training and professional certification programme, which is an exciting evolution of their current internationally recognised programmes.  

Both organisations have been active in providing SRM training for several years, taking different but complementary approaches. Combined together, the new training curriculum and certification process is designed to address the required blend of technical capabilities, behavioural and collaborative skills practitioners need to manage suppliers effectively and provide organisations with a team equipped to deliver greater value from best-in-class SRM.


There is a course and a growth path for every level, starting with practitioner, advanced practitioner and finally expert level. The training and certification programmes will include distinctive content to enable learners to enhance their knowledge within a clear development path to push forward their careers.

“SRM is increasingly recognised as the core discipline needed to ensure delivery of value and innovation. This programme addresses the skills gap facing many organisations today and enables the development and growth of accredited practitioners.  By setting a new global standard, SRM professionals can start to demonstrate their value and build their status and influence.”  Tim Cummins, CEO IACCM.

“State of Flux’s research has shown that organisations are taking a more collaborative approach to supplier management, but only 30% of companies surveyed are training their people; those that do are focusing on core technical procurement skills such as negotiation training, which means there is a gap in the softer strategic relationship skills. Our study found that those organisations training in behavioural skills are achieving more value from their supplier relationships.” Alan Day, Chairman and founder State of Flux.

Companies and individuals interested in this cost-effective training and certification programme can find further information at SRM training