State of Flux runs an annual study of the state of SRM globally.

Our research informs SRM and procurement professionals of how their peers in other organisations are managing their most important supplier relationships, and keeps them up-to-date with SRM best practice. It tracks changes in trends, and identifies and explores emerging issues.

The in-depth survey gathers responses across several hundred private and public sector companies globally. The research has been conducted annually since 2009 and since 2012 we have been including supplier feedback on their experiences of SRM to validate the information gathered from customer organisations.
We look in depth at SRM based on our six pillars of effective SRM:

Supplier relationship management (SRM) research briefing sessions

We hold briefing sessions with international SRM practitioners from a wide range of organisations where we present and discuss the findings from the online survey and add their perspective to the final report. These sessions also give us an insight into the questions SRM practitioners want to answer in future surveys.
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