WEBINAR: SRm - a driver for
risk reduction

For the first time since we started our annual supplier relationship management (SRM) research in 2009, risk has been identified as the most important business driver promoting an investment in SRM. Risk reduction is also reported as one of the top three benefits of SRM. 
Risk in the supply chain extends from the mundane and everyday occurrences such as road closures, industrial disputes or the wrong type of snow causing minor and localised disruption, to the extraordinary events of the last few years that have had a severe impact on supply chains and illustrate the range of risks inherent in global sourcing. While some of these events are unavoidable, a number of them could have been predicted. 
Learn how SRM helps you understand and effectively manage the true nature and vulnerability of supply chains, and how it provides a vehicle for a more collaborative and transparent approach to supply chain risk management.
Here’s what Ian Faraway, Supplier Risk Manager at LV= said about this webinar: 
This morning’s webinar was excellent in both content and delivery. Very useful. 

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