Supply chain risk management

Outsourcing and leaner supply chain initiatives have created more complex supply models, where oversight and control is much more challenging. 

State of Flux’s supply chain risk management solutions help you identify potential risks in the supply chain; make informed decisions about the trade-off between risk and reward of potential benefits; and manage critical risk exposure efficiently and cost-effectively.

Supply chain risk management consulting

We help you mitigate risk by gaining a deeper understanding of your critical suppliers and supply chains, and proactively addressing risk as part of your sourcing, performance and relationship management approach. Effective risk management delivers operational savings as well as greater levels of resilience in times of disruption.
The State of Flux risk team works closely with insurance companies to identify sources of risk from a number of key drivers, including geographical, physical supply, environmental, ethical, political and legal.
We help you mitigate risk by:
  • Determining which suppliers and supply chain arrangements present higher levels of business-critical risk
  • Mapping the major types / sources of risk across your most important suppliers and supply chains
  • Designing a process for managing / mitigating operational risk in a more proactive way
  • Devising additional KPIs with which to assess whether operational risk performance is being managed effectively
  • Advising on governance mechanisms for engaging with key suppliers on operational risk issues and agreeing mitigation actions
Our effective research and intelligence gathering capability can be harnessed to research supply chain risk and help inform decision-making and risk mitigation.
State of Flux’s supply chain risk management consultancy services create visibility of the key operational risks among important suppliers and supply chains, so they can be monitored and managed in a pro-active way.