Thank you for contributing to our 2017 SRM research. 

In consideration of your time we would like to offer you the opportunity to receive your company specific SRM maturity and benchmark analysis at no cost. This analysis will provide you with an SRM index score and a benchmark against our best practice SRM model and leading global SRM organisations both inside and outside your industry sector. In addition, the analysis will identify key areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

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Are you a contract management hypocrite?

We all think we know what good contract management looks like, at least from a procurement perspective. But what do suppliers think?  

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18 Jun 18

Facing procurement’s never-ending demands with a happy work-life balance

Procurement is forever torn between suppliers and stakeholders. Dedicated professionals feel they need to understand and be in touch with both tribes. 

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14 Jun 18

Building industrial strength SRM part II - five pitfalls to avoid

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You know what you’ve done wrong only when it’s too late. But at State of Flux we’ve seen and dealt with hundreds of supplier relationship management initiatives. 

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6 Jun 18