Thank you for contributing to our 2017 SRM research. 

In consideration of your time we would like to offer you the opportunity to receive your company specific SRM maturity and benchmark analysis at no cost. This analysis will provide you with an SRM index score and a benchmark against our best practice SRM model and leading global SRM organisations both inside and outside your industry sector. In addition, the analysis will identify key areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

To arrange your SRM maturity and benchmark analysis please contact us at

Dear new CPO – why supplier management should feature in your 100 day plan

Dear new CPO, Congratulations on your new role. You may now be in the process of creating your 100 day plan; that is setting out what you are going to achieve and how you will make a difference in your new role.    

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25 Jan 18

A state of certain uncertainty: using Brexit as a catalyst for designing a flexible supply-chain

Brexit represents a fantastic opportunity to harness a sense of urgency to drive long overdue progress. The smart professional will use this ‘crisis mentality’ as a value-added exercise, using Brexit as a catalyst for pushing procu ...

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23 Nov 17

Announcing leadership changes

We are delighted to share changes to our leadership team in North America and Australia. 

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9 Nov 17