Thank you for contributing to our 2017 SRM research. 

In consideration of your time we would like to offer you the opportunity to receive your company specific SRM maturity and benchmark analysis at no cost. This analysis will provide you with an SRM index score and a benchmark against our best practice SRM model and leading global SRM organisations both inside and outside your industry sector. In addition, the analysis will identify key areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

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Procurement to the rescue

An email scam is highlighting why organisations need purchasing to take note of lower spend thresholds  and drive better purchase order coverage to fight these cyber criminals.  

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10 Sep 18

Accelerate your career with State of Flux

If you are considering a career change or move from your current role, here's six good reasons to consider State of Flux. 

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6 Sep 18

Directors' fiduciary duties make the case for SRM investment

Procurement professionals seeking investment in SRM should add Fiduciary duties among the benefits and risks covered in this business case.  

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8 Aug 18