2014 Global SRM Research Report - The Journey to Customer of Choice

2014 Global SRM Research Report - The Journey to Customer of Choice

This year’s SRM report focuses on customer of choice and the need for companies to develop a better understanding and awareness of the importance of being a good customer. We delve into how to define customer of choice and map a path to achieving it.

The report is full of actionable tips, tools and insights gleaned from working with many leading organisations. Look out for our special feature on how luxury brands manage their supplier relationships – do they put as much effort into the supplier experience as they do their customer experience?
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The SRM research is in its sixth year and includes responses from over 500 global companies across more than 20
industry sectors. 
The customer of choice theme emerged from a couple of key findings. SRM is increasingly focusing on developing collaborative relationships to deliver more value. The leaders who are aligning their SRM programmes to the value drivers of the business are achieving more post-contract financial benefits. They also continue to be almost twice as likely to be receiving customer of choice benefits.  
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